Sunday, March 14, 2010

Now Look Who Is About To Be 5!

Time flies. Lauren will be 5 in a couple of weeks. We had her Birthday party a little early because her BFF who has moved out of state is visiting. Lauren had a grand time. Here she is with BFF Feliciana and other BFF from pre-school, Sloane.

Livie getting in on the action!

Lauren's Birthday cake.

Group Photo!

The "three amigos" --- BFF's forever!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Look Who Just Turned Two!

Livie really likes this Birthday stuff. She could really get used to being the center of attention. And presents.... presents are great! Livie is now 2 years old as of August 29th.

Lauren and Livie testing out the bounce-house before guests arrive to make sure it works...

Where Did This Summer Go??

Livie reading a John Sanford novel.... actually, she saw the picture of Sanford on the back and informed us she was going to read about "Grandpapa"...

Lauren being goofy with her hat.

Sasha the cat is our newest family member.

Livie already likes to accessorize...

Lauren ignoring the camera...

A simple cardboard box can provide entertainment for hours!

Livies new Buddy. Her friend Brianna brought Livie Mickey Mouse straight from Disneyland. He goes everywhere with Livie.

Grandparents Visiting

Grandmama, Grandpapa & Uncle Thomas visited at the end of May. Both Lauren & Livie had a grand time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lauren Loves The Pacific Ocean

Lauren loves the Pacific Ocean. She loves the wind, the surf, the beach, and the wild-life.

Doing some stretches outside on the patio.

Look! A Grey Whale!

I'm loving this weather!!!

Doing some gymnastics moves outside in the evening.

Lauren & Livie at La Push

Our cabin on First Beach as seen from the beach.

Lauren running around looking for rocks and seashells on the beach.

The beach is so much fun!

Lauren & Olivia winding down with 'My Little Pony".

Olivia's "I'm tired-face"...

Which hat goes better with these clogs....?

Lauren's set-up by the fire-place and window where she could enjoy the fire while keeping an eye on the wild-life outside.

Lauren loves the sand.

Both girls keeping a watch out for wild-life outside our window.